Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 review

So I watched the first episode. Not really a fan because it didn’t remind me of the action oriented pace of Dragon Ball Z. Maybe it was me growing up with the dub. Maybe it was not liking different things sequel bias. Then again, I felt there were a lot of plotholes not to mention that I like my DBZ blockbusters, especially when it is isn’t really an arthouse classic anyway.

So anyway this was interesting. An evil Superior Spider-man version of Goku that could destroy the world. He could just destroy the planet albeit they don’t mention he needs the oxygen which could’ve been mentioned last episode. They bring back Mirai Trunks and discuss Mai’s role in the future in case you couldn’t tell in the opener. I like that they use the mythos. They tried doing that in GT and failed on a Z movie scale but this time fail and do it on a C movie scale.

Interesting stuff. Good for character designs. Too bad not too much action.


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