Silver Samurai swings his sword.

What do you want from me Gaijin? Silver Samurai spits at Ken in Japanese.

What do you want from me mutant?

Ken uses his backhand to counter the blade of the sword. Ken knocks him back going for a hadouken. Silver Samurai counters with a blade swipe disappating the flames.

The Silver Samurai attempts to go closer again with the blade swipe. Ken grabs the blade before countering with a monkey flip.


Silver Samurai’s troops surround Ken attempting to get a numbers advantage over him.

Ken runs away.


Where is Ken?

I don’t know, Sakura states to Karin in Japanese. I’m looking for Ryu-san.

Sakura is seen photoshopping a Ryu image online.

Street Fighter forums react.


Sakura goes online and sees mutants.

What is your opinion of the mutant issue? Sakura asks Karin in Japanese.

Karin shows two online videos.

Magneto. Professor. Sakura responds.

Magneto’s window shows a speech from him.

For years, humans have fought in wars, with things they do not understand. The militaristic, the ignorant kill with the backing of their government the oppressed. Stand up and defend yourselves mutants. Stand up and protect yourselves from the dangers of humanity!

Then Professor X’s video plays.

For years, we have fought in wars. Stop the fighting. Start a discussion. No blood. All words.

Karin looks at Sakura.

Professor, Sakura states to Karin.


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