Interpretation of the Metal Gear Solid V ending

There have been a lot of complaints about how obvious the ending had become because of news.

However, spoilers aren’t part of pure storytelling. People who seen affected by the spoilers have a valid point too. And it was sort of too early to analyze the longevity of the twist.

Overall, I think it’s almost on par with Sons of Liberty’s storytelling and even if it wasn’t, nothing could if you have that point of view. It never bothered fans of 3. 

The ending is similar this way. Metal Gear Solid II’s ending has to do with how Snake and Raiden and Snake were controlled by an Illuminati-like organization into doing whatever they wanted and trying to break from that cycle. Metal Gear Solid V was like this: the fan becoming Venom Snake, the bad guy they fought in the beginning in the end. The world in real life had become more militant and good vs evil. There were probably a lot of spies and soldier who played MGS who ended up being assimilated and brainwashed by their government, famous people and role models into becoming soldiers and assassins. Konami can even be seen as a part of this with Metal Gear Solid. Even outside of II, the franchise can be seen as a training and recruiting tool for soldiers. Brands and loyalty in the postmodern era have been turned into brainwashing tools fueled by money making schemes.

More later.


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