Happy 16th Anniversary, Spider-Man (the Dreamcast gen game)

(I don’t think I did a review for this on the 15th Anniversary, so I apologize!) Spider-Man was an excellent game: one of most favorite on the Dreamcast: there was a port for nearly every other version when it came out, but the Dreamcast version was the most advanced and performed the smoothest. You could websling in SOOO many different ways. There are so many characters in the mythos, the second game barely had anyone left to use. (I don’t know why they couldn’t recycle or make them more memorable.) The final boss was a good mix of comic book character design marketing and game design. There’s a good variety of levels and bosses. I don’t recall any glitches. Black Cat does the tutorial levels for you and is a key ally, among a game of many key allies. There are so many Easter Eggs to other Marvel comics games. The fog of doom is so cheesy, but a good idea till the Spider-Man (movie games) made levels on the ground have dynamic cars and civilians to save. In contrast though, I thought the game was a lot more faster without saving every ally. The scenic routes really added to the game play and replay value for whenever you missed a collectible. And of course, there’s the unlockables: something so addicting I got them even for the lousy Enter Electro sequel. This was one of the final big collectible games, in a generation that gave us Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII and many memorable games at the beginning of the CD era. Tommy Tallerico of Electric Playground considered it a very underrated game as well.


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