Sonic 3D mod made: Green Hill Paradise Act 2

There has been some criticism of the 3D Sonic games, although, there has been A LOT of praise too. Sonic 3D blast was the first one. There are a lot of Sonic Adventure fans, although there are camera criticizers. More or less than Super Mario 64? I don’t know.

This modded level was built using the 3D Sonic Games Development Kit (SonicGDK.) Green Hill Paradise Act 2 brings Sonic to the PC. The loops are huge and aren’t custscenes. (Although, for awful players could be a problem.) There are springs, and bad robots. A fan named Xaklse, created the development kit. The project was a collaboration between Daniel “SuperSonic68″ Coyle and other contributors.

I don’t know if the loops are too big or have not enough stuff. I don’t know if there aren’t enough robots to keep it exciting.

But the momentum engine looks quite promising.


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