Mai will officially be in Dead or Alive, September 13th

SNK face of the females’ Mai Shiranui’s Dead or Alive: Last Round debut is more than official! On September 13, 2016, Mai Shiranui will be released as paid DLC despite having no exact figure on the price. The last crossover character, Samurai Warriors Naotora Ii, cost $5.99.

A Creators Casual Match Movie has been released for Mai Shiranui, showing her fighting against herself with player one in traditional attire, while the player two Mai wears an “I’m a Fighter” cheerleader costume. It’s a bit of a controversial choice to me as Mai’s outfit although doesn’t have much of an origin is quite iconic and has had little change over the years. Then again, the idea of her not being in an SNK game, with a different engine, etc.. is already different enough.

Other ideas of characters to be in Dead or Alive, include, Ryo Hazuki, Sonya Blade, Mileena, Killing Joke Batgirl and Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, etc..


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