Interplay is selling off Earthworm Jim and other rights

The company  is attempting  to sell off many of its assets and intellectual property, including Earthworm Jim series, according to a Nasdaq press release. The full amount of Inteplay’s IPs total about 70, with another dozen characters.

So far, those included in the press release are:

  • Battle Chess,
  • Boogerman,
  • Clay Fighter,
  • Dark Alliance,
  • Descent,
  • Earthworm Jim,
  • Freespace,
  • Kingpin,
  • M.A.X.,
  • Messiah,
  • MDK,
  • Redneck Rampage,
  • Run Like Hell,
  • Sacrifice,
  • T-Rex Rumble, and
  • Giants

Inteplay CEO Eric Caen said this:

“With the proliferation of mobile, augmented reality, virtual reality and other new forms of consumption, we believe that consumers are ready to experience and interact with Interplay’s characters, stories and game play in ways never possible before”

Earthworm Jim creator, Mike TenNapel took to Twitter to provide his thoughts according to SEGA Nerds, but I can’t find the quote.

On a side note, Boogerman had a failed Kickstarter, hurting its chance of sell or possibly profitability.

Here’s a previous article Ecoolarg did on Clay Fighter.


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