TECToy wants to release Sega Master System and Genesis with HDMI outputs

TecToy is researching an HDMI Master System, Genesis system in Brazil

Earlier this summer, Tectoy posted on their Facebook page that made a lot of noise on the retro game community in Brazil: the picture was of that of a SEGA Master System and a SEGA Genesis before asking, “If Tectoy returned to produce a console, which one would you like? Give a like for SEGA Genesis and share for Master System.”

Thousands of fans to sent messages demanding a console with the original hardware, cartridge slot and a HDMI output.

To the surprise of many, TecToy replied, “The company will celebrate 30 years in 2017 and we are working hard to have good news.”

Last week, Uol Jogos, one of Brazil’s biggest video game websites published an interview with TecToy CEO Stephano Arnhold: Arnhold discussed the company’s history and plans for the future.

In the interview in the Portuguese language, Stephano said that the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis systems they produced in Brazil sold around 8 million of units. He also said that SEGA still receives royalties for every Master System unit they sell in Brazil. The last one was released in 2011!

They’ve also been asked about the Dreamcast. Arnhold said they already had this conversation and they wanted to do that. However, the Dreamcast is a complex problems, filled with copyrights, impossible to get a good final price for the consumer.

But who knows?

Stephano said that TecToy is really surprised with all the messages and the press about their post. Tectoy was bombarded with messages asking for consoles with cartridge slots and HDMI output and now they are studying all the valid contracts from the ’90s that gives them the rights to release new Master System and Genesis systems. They are studying the engineering part and want to work together with the community to release a machine that best meets what the fans want, but for now they need to be patient while TecToy studies all the copyrights and limitations to produce a new version of the old chips.

I wonder if they could release chips that output with different gigahertz, but it’s probably more of a design issue.

Being an eBay seller and shopper, one problem I would have would be the lack of Brazilian tracking numbers in their post office. However, if they had some sort of other deal with indie or other retailers or a different distribution chain, this could be big.


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