Hideo Kojima said he would NEVER put zombies in a Metal Gear game

Video game auteur Hideo Kojima spent 20 years Konami, but the two parted ways left in an antagonist fashion. Konami owns the rights to Kojima’s beloved Metal Gear franchise. They recently unveiled Metal Gear Survive as the first post-Kojima entry in the franchise, although not the first game without him such as that of Revengeance. The game borrows its graphics engine and many of its gameplay mechanics from Metal Gear Solid V, which has resulted in criticism.

On Twitter, Kojima denied any involvement with Survive:

“That’s not the case. I have absolutely nothing to do with or know anything of it. For me, Metal Gear Solidis espionage, it’s political fiction, and something like zombies wouldn’t appear in that world.”

Hideo Kojima


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