Parasyte -the maxim- Season 1, Episode 20, “Crime and Punishment” review

I watched this on Adult Swim Saturday, 9/17-18/16, when it originally aired on 3/12/16, which is why I’m guessing it’s a different series than the one I watched last year.

There’s not much analysis for this. I really like the art design of Parasyte. I do like how Tom refers to it as body horror, since that’s a really cool genre and has rarely been replicated since Cronenberg.

The episode has to deal with some sort of police or government force exterminating Parasytes possibly all over a city, underground or in a building.

Eventually, they are dealt with the choice of killing everyone to prevent any spread of Parasytes.

This is much darker to the campy Mr. Rogers-like atmospheres early on last year, while I was watching. Everyone on the show in this episode was afraid, while the earlier series/show I was watching before no one knew before, so it sorta had this mild mannered, idealism to it. “Oh no! Of course, we won’t target or copy ourselves on your world!”

The lighting and possible even details of the art of the characters has drastically changed from episode 1.


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