Ogre Battle 64 is probably the best Nintendo 64 JRPG

There’s not too many RPGs for the console.

A lot of people complain about Quest 64. A little people mention Goemon.

However, probably due to the price point and difficulty of the game, no one mentions Ogre Battle 64.

It’s a really great game. The game fit the graphics of 32/64-bit era. If Square hadn’t bailed on Nintendo, I could easily seeing a Mana game coming to the console. This was really good graphics wise. I’m not sure if it’s an upgrade, but again fit the gen after the SNES. It felt like going from the first two Shining Forces to Shining Force III on the Saturn, not quite like Final Fantasy VI to VII. Gone is the generic logo of a person fighting and now with the power of the 3D of the Nintendo 64: something more.

The story fits too. Created by the Ogre Tactics master, Ogre Battle 64, has a lot of dark story element of his other anti-war games and commentary on the 90s European wars. War is dark; war is hard; war is nothing to laugh at; war is dramatic.

I like the multiple ways of fighting in the game. Those familiar with SNES games the original Ogre Battle and Bahamut Lagoon are familiar with both the manual and party auto and manual battle systems.


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