Sega Nomad brief review

I have played on a refurbished Sega Nomad before. So I’m not sure how accurate my description. I beg my pardon.

So anyway: screen (refurbished)



The best xyzabc buttons I have ever used:-really responsive. Quick probably the best ever.

Joystick. Great. Hard to describe. Accurate. Quick. The only portable or any console which would rival is the Atari Lynx.

Game library:

Play Phantasy Star, Shining, fighting games on that awesome console, the Adventures of Batman and Robin, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: the Movie, MUSHA, Gunstar Heroes, Vectorman, Ristar, Comic Zone etc..

First party

Plugs into televisions.

Better than a Genesis controller.


Bringing the whole library vs other consoles.

Baggy pants.


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