Sonic Mega Drive becomes Sonic Mega Drive Overdrive

The Sonic Mega Drive comic, written by Ian Flynn, with art by Tyson Hesse, Matt Herms and Jack Morelli, sold out- a first for Archie Sonic comics. The follow-up is called Sonic: Mega Drive – The Next Level. Mega Drive next level is due out November 2nd and continues the story, despite being another issue #1.

Archie has recently revealed the third Sonic Mega Drive, dubbed Overdrive which is set to release March 2017.

With blastr, editor Vincent Lovallo said: “Overdrive picks up right where The Next Level left off with Sonic and friends on the hunt for the mystical Chaos Emeralds. Their power is the only hope our heroes have at stopping Dr. Eggman’s destructive Mega Drive weapon. Featuring a whopping 30 pages of story, the final chapter of the Mega Drive series arrives in comic shops March 2017. You won’t wanna miss this epic conclusion celebrating 25 years of Sonic!”

Sonic Mega Drive – Overdrive will done by the same crew. Flynn has confirmed Overdrive will take place in Sonic Mega Drive’s Archie Sonic canon.


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