Why Pokemon don’t say their names in the games

Disney, Nintendo and Square Enix

“When we first started, we were really restricted by the hardware, but nowadays that’s not the case. For example, in the games we have Pikachu saying its own name just like it does in the anime, but what we do with our games is really consider what the purpose of the Pokémon’s cry is. We consider what type of creature it is, its habitat, how it lives… all these kinds of things help to decide what style of cry it might have, based on all of that information. We also have slightly different cries for the same Pokémon, so when you stroke a Pokémon for example, it might have a different tone to its cry because it’s feeling happy. When we’re designing the main games, exactly what kind of cry we want the Pokémon to have is something we really consider.” — Junichi Masuda

The excerpt was from an interview…

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