How Donald Trump’s presidency can affect the video game industry

So I read about Donald Trump’s possible anti-free trade import taxation policy, a 45% tax on Chinese goods.

This could affect a lot.

Now, the majority of game companies are run by Japanese executives, and while there is already a trade agreement with Japan, some of their manufacturing is in China like with Foxconn.

For iPhones, Samsung looks good, as its a Korean company, but they do have SOME factories in China.

Apple will obviously be affected by Trump’s import changes. This could affect video game companies selling JRPGs on apps due to loss of revenue due to lack of interest in the iPhone/smartphones, etc..

Another factor in the US, although statewide is the increase in the minimum wage. which may make the tax negligible. Difficult to say as, there’s so many factors going on it’s unclear what will happen to the economy.

In addition the US does have a big negotiation tactic because the US does have a big consumerist market, so every country will want in.





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