Ghost in the Shell, Paramount, trailer 1 review

Ghost in the Shell is considered one of the most appreciated animes of all time. So, even if there was a Japanese cast, there could be backlash for perfectionism. (Nah, not really, it’s race thing lol.)

I don’t like Scarlett Johanssenn in the role, not because she’s Caucasian. Everyone knows Kusanagi as Major anyway. It has more to do with how she’s already famous, so it’s a bit distracting. I like that she can do the stunts.

The lesbian kiss scene seems interesting.

Also, they completely copy the scene where Kusanagi jumps out off the building and despite the good expensive special effects, it doesn’t looks as good.

The Hollywood soundtrack seems really out of place as well.

I would’ve like a film where they could’ve played off Scarlett as a model for her own Major and Hollywood music being a theme in the film.


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