Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 1 Japanese review

Disney, Nintendo and Square Enix

The show demonstrated a large cast of characters. I’m unsure if Satoshi/Ash is rebooted or not. He only has one Pokemon. He gets burned by the Fire type starter in the beginning.

Ash’s mom has her Mr. Mime in a Hawaiian outfit. There’s so many jokes about Ash’s age but not so much his mom.

After, he meets a Pokemon with pincers. The Pokemon’s upset and bites Ash on the face humorously.

The Big Pokemon Bear was scary.

He meets I assume a Western lady with a Taurus.


Cousin Oak.

There’s an emphasis on comedy, and the show looks very anime-ish with captions for special moves.

He meets “Misty.”

Pirate Rockets encounter great surfing Pokemon fighter.

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