Why the Playstation Vita did not do well

My friend once asked me why I think there weren’t as many third party games for the Vita.

Now keep in mind this is from someone who HISSED at the Vita. Yes, I hiss at it. But that’s for another time. Now, I won’t deny that it is a great hand held system. It has several successful games. The system is great for indie games. The graphics are beautiful. The system itself is slim and gorgeous. But it still failed hand held system for a few reasons.

First all, the initial lack of backwards compatiblity might have driven people away. Several users, including myself, had a plethora of PSP games but no way to play them on the Vita. Now this issue could have been easily solved. If the titles were registered onto the PSN network then downloaded later, many people would be happy. If they didn’t want to give out free games. They could have put in a stipulation the first two or three games were free to download load but any additional games could cost 5 dollars.

Plenty of people would grumble but it still would have made most PSP players happy. Now the argument could be said that you can still play PSP games on the system itself but not everyone wants to carry two or more hand held systems with them.

Secondly the cost of the Vita. On its intial release it cost 250 but it came with no memory card. It came separately and depending the size of the memory card the cost varied. Though buying the memory card separately was an additional cost. Not everyone wants to buy an expensive handheld  system only to be told you lacking an essential item which is an additional expense.

Sony did wise up eventually and dropped the prices for both the system and the memory card. Still it didn’t draw enough people for it become a massive success which did affect it in several ways.

Thirdly, the Vita was made in mind for the hard core gamer. In essence, this isn’t a bad idea but it shuns the casual gamers. Currently the majority of video game players are casual players. They are the ones that buy the system for themselves or for their children. Without them, the sales for the Vita decreased.

Without a big enough player base, many third party companies pulled away from the Vita. The companies decided to focus on other consoles such as the PS3 or the Xbox which had a larger player bases.

All these lead to the downfall of what might have been an excellent handheld system. Still the Vita has a few great games with plenty of support from the indie community.


3 thoughts on “Why the Playstation Vita did not do well

  1. Also, it’s interesting:
    They obviously couldn’t beat the iPhone.
    Historically what’s done well?
    Tetris, (sort of out of date.)
    Minecraft, which could’ve been doable.
    GTA V,
    They had a Call of Duty, which was a top seller, although not as great as they’d like an a critical mess,
    They couldn’t get Skyrim,
    They sorta didn’t really get first party support on the console outside of Little Big Planet and Uncharted, which was very weird.
    Persona 4 was a good move, but for the most part the Vita had too many ports.

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