Back to the Future’s Biff to the Future Telltale possibilities

Telltale has done a lot of work with comics and Back to the Future and comic book franchise: The Wolf Among Us, Batman and rumored works on Marvel.

One problem before was a bad relationship previously between Universal and Telltale. Now, there was a lot of hype for the Back to the Future game although critics I trusted didn’t like the game. And everyone hated Jurassic Park Telltale which definitely signified the last straw between the two companies.

Till Telltale agreed to do the 5 year anniversary of Back to the Future bringing in the original actor for Biff Tannen to play the character and his counterparts. This hadn’t happened before due to a scheduling conflict with Thomas F. Wilson.

Well, Biff to the Future is another Biff oriented project. He’s one of the most beloved villains of all time. The Angry Video Game Nerd actually put him in a fairly good list of top 10 villains of all time. Although not finished, e-mail Telltale and Universal, and maybe it’ll happen.


My dream of Daniel Murphy facing off vs Joe Maddon to fight over Biff Tannen’s Sports Almanac success seems mad interesting in addition, even though at this point Daniel Murphy would be used for Space Jam cringe of success: now that he’s on that Nationals, now that he made that comment about the fact that he was hitting so well, since “no one was catching (his) balls”


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