lmao. Wait- Angry Joe got nominated at the Game Awards?

First off, although I don’t reflect all of Arthouse Anime, despite being its Editor-in-Chief, I hate like all of Channel Awesome, pretty darn close to 99%. They’re make jokes with no punch line, plot summarize, and just live in an era where it’s a lot easier to record things? It’s well known that A-listing there is more already being popular than by merit, but whatever. I never understood why Little Kuriboh backed them up, despite y’know being a nice guy, since they all violated his Abridged Series 101 lesson of not using Jay Leno-ish standup pop culture punchlines to make a joke. Since y’know punchlines and jokes?


Second off, how did no one not make a meme outta this? Is the internet so caught up in riding other people that no one remembered that Geoff Keighley invited Angry Joe for an interview- pre a VGA and then Angry Joe yelled at Keighley after Geoff was being political and before Angry Joe posted it online like an idiot to incriminate himself as a guy who doesn’t research or debate or defend claims, etc..

So like, however, many other years later, since people use the internet not to research, they’re possibly involved in another gaming award incident or possible future incident, and no one says shit? Was this like some sort of web censoring from some sort of internet google search engine Encyclopedia Dramatica that Channel Awesome did?



Third, is Angry Joe even popular anymore? Credibility, no, but choosing him, I’d assume as always, because of popularity: Since for whatever reason, despite its great critical and popular success they didn’t choose a Greg Miller-ish person (and NOTE: some of these I’ll mention are comparable with Greg Miller,) but why would you choose Angry Joe to show up at the Game Awards, if not for popularity? They couldn’t choose like Alpha Omega Sin, who does the Angry Joe thing, but is actually popular, Metal Jesus Rocks, Gaming HistorianANGRY Video Game Nerd? Like did everyone just boycott the Game Awards, which they should’ve a long time ago anyway? Like seriously, it’s sorta at the point, where Joe should leave Channel Awesome, because of how he sorta doesn’t fit the criteria anymore.


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