One of the biggest shames of the Sega CD to Saturn era


I love that era. But a lot of the reasons were not because of the SEGA company itself.

Unlike the retrospect, I originally loved the commercial, where you placed all the pieces of the Sega Genesis to 32X together, because it did sorta resemble a toy.

I like the postmodern Space Bowie commercials (Rest in Peace) for the Saturn, even if I didn’t originally see em.

Segata Sanshiro was cool too, and probably could’ve made Kamen Rider big in the US.

However, my problem was that they never advertised the great sound quality of Sega consoles, at least up to the Dreamcast!

Sega CD had some of the best soundtracks ever: from originals like Shining Force CD to using the actual damn John Williams score for the Hook soundtrack!

It took me 20 years, post-emulation to find out of the greatness of sound, after going through the hassle of finding a SEGA electrical wall adapter that works to just trying out games on emulation, because the darn (SEGA) CD at least is so darn expensive. The fact that the CDs came with wav files burned on the disc are just so awesome! Very tempting to spend like $300 to buy a Shining Force CD game I probably will never figure out how to get a darn Sega CD to work, just to play that darn soundtrack!

Using the headphone jacks for the Sega Genesis really gave me a deeper appreciation of the consoles as well.

I recently found out on the Sega Retro Gamers Facebook group also that even some Sega Saturn CDs have audio (I’m guessing .wav/.mp3) files as well. AWESOME.

SEGA. Why can’t you exist anymore?


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