Happy Xbox and Rogue One: Star Wars year: Star Wars: Clone Wars (Xbox)

Just to spoil it straight up, it’s a mediocre ***/***** game. I’ll explain why here:

The beginning has a Star Wars scroll which is cool, but the story is so dependent on knowing Star Wars lore that the story within the game itself isn’t that good.

The graphics aren’t that impressive. I wish they could use scenes from the movie, instead of showing what is now out of date gameplay elements.

But at least the story elements don’t get in the way of the gameplay.


This game basically tries to be a mediocre Halo. You’re on a ship. You shoot enemy ships with awkward controls and no real strategy or “headshot” oriented method. Nothing in the game really cues you to if you’re playing better or not. There’s not enough missiles to win the game with. You’re given boring military objectives of destroy, etc..


Like who is the Lumeria or whatever her name is lady that I’m fighting along side of. Is she a Jedi that helps me?


Other video game notes:

They use the soundtrack from the films, which is cool- John Williams and all.

They don’t use Samuel L. Jackson’s voice, which may be cool to all you Red Letter Media fans. And I agree. The voice sounds more Jedi-like.


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