Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo cons

My brother loved this Star Wars dogfight simulator growing up. I didn’t.

There was praise for the controls sure:

Ryan Davis of GameSpot stated:

The controls haven’t seen any changes since Rogue Squadron, which is to say they’ve remained tight and responsive.

Fran Mirabella III of IGN stated in 2000:

The control is tight and intuitive (especially familiar to Rogue Squadron experts) so it pulls you into the dogfights without any overhead.

I meanwhile, hated the controls. C left for shooting opposed to the Nintendo 64’s Z-trigger? Shooting lasers wasn’t exactly accurate, especially in comparison to the time of Counterstrike. Then again, everyone loved GoldenEye 007, which had the same problems. I never sorta understood what they were talking about.

The only real disappointment is that it takes place under the wings of Episode I and not the priceless renowned trilogy.

Mirabella also stated that the game was based off Episode I vehicles and features, even though a lot of these I don’t recall from the film (for better or worse.)

I will complain that Jar Jar, one of the most hated prequel characters shows up in the opening and then not in the game at all for a bit of annoyance and annoying inconsistency.


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