Ghost in the Shell’s lack of perfection is only partially due to the Scarlett casting

I am sick and tired about talking about the race issue about this film.

New Ghost in the Shell movie? No one’s seriously excited about that?
Race, race, race!
The previews even portray a Nazist bioterrorist thing done by the white scientists, and it still didn’t satisfy audiences. You’re telling me you’re offended that the villains in the film are white too? Are you kidding me?
Other people are telling me she can be Chinese, she can be Thai, but she can’t be white?
These are the same people who got offended when Indians portrayed actors in the Last Airbender. It’s not really about WHITEwashing then is it?
However, Scarlett being cast hurt as it was noticeable in the previews.
When dropping from the building in certain scenes you could tell she was a bit too emotional and not robotic.
Like if you’re going to do something different, it’s a risk, you risk alienating your audience and if it’s not better, people will freak, and you will lose artistic cred.
Like when watching the Power Rangers movie, you can tell their were problems too, and Ghost in the Shell at least looks like a Ghost in the Shell movie and is a lot better produced, but Power Rangers just feels like it ran its characters through like at least 3 different pilots like the show did.
However, they didn’t cast Scarlett because she was the best choice for the role as it was obvious when the film was made, but rather because they wanted to milk off the popularity of the Jungle Book, Avengers and other Disney film franchises.
The film seems rushed. Certain scenes copy Ghost in the Shell the 1995 anime scene for scene and aren’t only not original, but don’t seem to have a proper context.
Let’s stop talking about Scarlett not being cast properly because she was white, which in itself is racist, because you’re saying she can’t play the role because of her race! Because of her appearance. Scarlett’s casting is a not choosing the right person for the job problem, which is racist. Not to mention a lot of the choices in the film aren’t made properly.
They shoot Scarlett in a bed being reprogrammed but don’t bother to make her voice sound robotic like both dub and sub probably due to fear of losing the original sound of her voice to fans.
Now, it’s not like Ghost in the Shell isn’t a product about making money.
However, when they’re doing things such as picking the most popular celebrity opposed to who was actually supposed to be cast for the job in addition to other things so that the film does well in the box office, y’know opposed to being good, that can be a major problem.
Scarlet being cast’s problem isn’t because she’s white. Scarlet being cast is a problem because the execs screwed up who to hire for the role on a business decision and hurt what could’ve been a five star film, an ultimate insult to a critic that can hurt a DC film.
However, speaking of which, this film still seems like it’s way better than a Marvel film. Anime-ish Tokyo and futuristic Tokyo designs, the robots are straight from the Ghost in the Shell anime design, albeit I would’ve liked the Power Rangers approach of making them your own designs but still spiritually the same.
Also, there may be some racist white stereotype people who do end up watching a friggin film based off a Japanese anime, but like is Ghost in the Shell really going to be for that kind of crowd? I dunno. Maybe there is data for that. A lot of Trump supporters did get pissed off at Trump for helping the rich and removing their Meals on Wheels deals.
Also, I don’t fault Scarlett for doing anything. Big money. Big project. Expensive. She’s great at action. I wouldn’t even say she did a bad job, but the vision and audiences’ goals of the movie just wouldn’t work with her.
Heck, she may even be a big Ghost in the Shell fan and really wanted to play the role of Major, just to say she did that in her life- something where nothing criminal has happened and she didn’t do anything criminal. She’s not pushing a racist or genocidal agenda. She’s just doing something she may enjoy that people don’t see her fitting because of her race.
That being sad, no one said anything about when the Chitari were portrayed as a genocidal race with no personality in the Avengers movie she was in, a film that had way little thought than in Ghost in the Shell, some clap clap hypocrites. Aliens can be racist in a movie, but just because a producer panicked and miscast someone you didn’t think should play the race of someone in that movie, good for you.
So in countering what the A3 Foundation has been discussing regarding race,
I mean it helps that Gerard Butler didn’t have an original material to go off of when creating Gods of Egypt but he was originally supposed to be making penis jokes in that film. Hollywood isn’t made up of the cast of Death to Smoochy, trying to educate people on the Quran, which A3 didn’t do either discussing the film.
Not to mention, they keep citing Starship Troopers as a film about Filipinos when it was more likely people of different Latin/Spanish based backgrounds and it was a film about whitewashing. You could Carlton Banks it and make it even darker, but like that’s not the film was. It was about whitewashing military.
And Rupert again makes an absolutely beautiful film that no one gives a crap about. At least from what the script seems to be about, it’s a film about dealing with identity in an age of science where everything can be put on a tv or replicated or. An update to Ghost in the Shell could’ve been really cool in 2017: material printing, cloning sheep, the rich getting even more ridicously richer, an update on America’s thoughts on terrorism. Nope.
Ghost in the Shell was made, it was expensive, it was complete on a big budget, which probably wasn’t going to do well in March. A shame really.

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