Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 Episode 4 review

“At the Bottom of the Gravity Well”

“Jūryoku no Ido no Soko de” (重力の井戸の底で)

“Full Frontal’s Pursuit”

“Furu Furontaru Tsuigeki” (フル・フロンタル追撃)

Really good episode.

It recapped Episode 3 which helped.

Previously the protagonist had met Marida Cruz. She seems to be a spiritual successor to one of the Mobile Suit Z Gundam characters. She’s brainwashed showing the horrors of not only war, but life if you know what happened to the OVA. She’s sorta noble in that she follows orders very well, even if it’s due to traumatization. She’s a good fighter.

Bright Noa and Londo Bell/Argama are here to add to the universe.

I didn’t watch the rest of the series, so maybe other episodes ruin the series or this episode, but as a stand alone this was fine.


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