​ How Hideo Kojima ripped off Escape from New York

John Carpenter is considered one of the best directors of all time, creating such influential films such as Halloween which was big on the slasher genre post-Psycho, The Thing, which probably influenced Final Fantasy VII, etc..

Halloween was really big since Janet Leigh was Jamie Lee Curtis, star of Halloween’s mother, and the obvious sexual overtones of the film, even if the script of Psycho was no doubt one of the most complex ever, if you forget about the major plot twist.
However, it feels a too darn close. After watching Escape from New York in 2017, I felt very uncomfortable. I don’t know if Kojima did this because of the restaurant scene done in Pulp Fiction, but it sure as hell feels really darn uncomfortable copyright wise. Marketing it as Metal Gear Solid opposed to Escape from New York, makes me feel even more uncomfortable, since it’s pretty much ignoring credit from its predecessor as a result. Movie tie ins were getting really bad in video games around the Playstation era, but still.
I’ll go do a Kojima and do this: Escape from Shadow Moses.
Let me list of the stuff that was taken, ripped off and stolen from Escape from New York:
The main character’s name is Snake.
He’s an antihero with antigovernment leanings.
Former soldier.
Tough guy.
It has to do with saving the President from a prison-like facility.
Watching this I was wondering, does Kojima have ANY of HIS OWN ideas? I felt like my childhood was a lie.
However, then again to sum it up briefly, Metal Gear Solid is a 90s to 00s stealth game with bosses, and Escape from New York is dystopia action fiction from the 80s.

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