Thoughts on the SNES Classic

So, Arthouse Auteur asked me about my thoughts on the SNES Classic. Did I think it had the wrong amount of games? No Treasure Hunter G? Bahamut Lagoon?

But, no.

Earthbound is here. Star Fox 2 is official. I’m am happy like crazy.

Earthbound was probably MY favorite game, prior to Earthbound ripoff coming up. Earthbound is probably THE most expensive console for such a great JRPG console.

Final Fantasy 3, my favorite game prior was on that console and IS in the SNES Classic as well.

Then again, I may dislike that the console discontinues before I buy it, as it’ll have limited quantities and only be in production during the 2017 year (Arthouse Auteur note: in addition to Nintendo selling $400-500 Nintendo Switch consoles.)


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