Alien: Isolation VR has been made

So there was news that Sega did a build of the VR version of Alien: Isolation, but never released it. Eurogamer has recently written an article regarding a modder making it anyway. I think it’s pretty cool. The game was critically acclaimed after the buggy Alien: Colonial Marines was criticized.

I think it’s a great idea. The whole game was meant to be done in VR, as the whole experience is just like putting a player in a theme park with Alien characters, just like that of Disney World’s Great Movie Ride and Alien Encounter. It’s not enough to watch a TV during that experience, where you can peek outside the view of the television screen. It’s meant to be done in a VR headset where you’re surrounded by Nostromo images. The game I sorta don’t see as a game, outside of a walking scare simulator. And this modder did that. Great job.

I hope SEGA will follow up with games such as Alien 3: Isolation and such since Alien: Isolation did do well, and the VR release or mod or whatever you want to call if will bring back even more buzz for the game.


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