Shenmue 3 trailer review

Eurogamer and Kotaku have demonstrated displeasure over the facial animations of the games. Since then, there has been a counter-argument by Kotaku regarding the quality of the facial animations. I rarely use Kotaku as a good source. Both are better for news than opinion anyway. Not to mention, Luke Plunkett is who I normally associate with everything wrong with Kotaku and journalism in general.

Everyone complains about the facial animations.

Let me talk about this.

First, the music. Pretty much the GD-Rom 1999s-ish. Great, but didn’t blow me away as I’ve already heard it before.

Everything besides the faces looks really good.

Then of course, there are the faces themselves. I mean I dunno. (Note: I wrote this before reading the Kotaku article.) It’s not quite recent Virtua Fighter, which it should be, but then again, it wasn’t made by SEGA. I like how it was different from the first two games, which it should be. It’s called Shenmue 3, not Shenmue 1 and 2 part 2. So, there’s that. I mean the original voice acting always had criticisms.

More importantly, they showed a bunch of still and basically an FMV. We saw no gameplay. My primary concern about modern trailers. The gameplay is sorta the most important thing about one of the best games of all time.

I also have a list of Sega games here if anyone is interested.


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