SNES Classic is the one of the worst fiascos in Nintendo history

This was a disaster.

We have Best Buy and Amazon starting pre-orders at 2 and 5 am.

We have short pre-order times for GameStop and Target as well.

Reggie Fils-Amie recently said in an interview they had more in supply.

The company would be printing money if these products were released. They sell enough merchandise. These are old video game products. It’s a shame Nintendo has disappointed the fans, but more importantly their own stock prices by doing this.


The Switch is doing excellent. Maybe the SNES Classic can do well too if they increased the price, even if it’s being sold from $79.99 to $100.


Maybe Nintendo is planning on a SNES Classic 2 as some JRPGs were missing on this one.

Maybe the Nintendo 64 Classic is taking up resources too. Like Star Fox 2, I am hoping for the Nintendo 64 version of Final Fantasy VII.

Heck, maybe they’re planning a Switch 2.


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