Sonic Forces will have a lot of really cool SEGA DLC

The Home of 16 to 32 bit games

Part of a geek is to shop. This was big during the Facebook game monetization era. Now it’ll be big again.

Sonic Forces will allow you to play as many SEGA inspired characters:

Sonic dressed up as Beat from Jet Set Radio.

Amy with a Puyo Puyo hat.

And some sort of Persona 5 DLC.

“You’ll never Sonic coming!”

I’m waiting for a Shining Force Sword of Hajya Sonic.

SEGA in the 1990s made big money with the “Sega does what Nintendon’t” slogan, and it is pretty important here.

SEGA is going to make a ton of money of SEGA fans with Sonic Forces.

Will there be enough left is a big question?

What Sonic/SEGA DLC are you waiting for? Comment below.

Source: IGN

I also have some SEGA merch at my eBay if you’re interested.

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