​ How Hideo Kojima ripped off Escape from New York

​John Carpenter is considered one of the best directors of all time, creating such influential films such as Halloween which was big on the slasher genre post-Psycho, The Thing, which probably influenced Final Fantasy VII, etc.. Halloween was really big since Janet Leigh was Jamie Lee Curtis, star of Halloween’s mother, and the obvious sexual […]

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 Episode 4 review

“At the Bottom of the Gravity Well” “Jūryoku no Ido no Soko de” (重力の井戸の底で) “Full Frontal’s Pursuit” “Furu Furontaru Tsuigeki” (フル・フロンタル追撃) Really good episode. It recapped Episode 3 which helped. Previously the protagonist had met Marida Cruz. She seems to be a spiritual successor to one of the Mobile Suit Z Gundam characters. She’s brainwashed […]