GameStop making people work during Thanksgiving is dumb

So recently, it was reported GameStop would have employees work during Thanksgiving. This is dumb. Who the fuck buys new games on Thanksgiving? I don’t even have Thanksgiving, being like from Argentina and all. But like, its not like we would actually go to the cinema May 25th. New releases? Film and video game? Oh […]

Fatty Bear memories

So, Arthouse Auteur shared me this. Funny thing: I had that game as a toddler. The Hitchcock intro was weird now that I think about it. I actually played the PC version of it, despite Arthouse Auteur knowing about the game from 3DO.

Castlevania Netflix Season 1 review

So I’m a Castlevania fan as many of you know. You may all be asking me what I think of Castlevania Netflix. And I answer, with my Argentine drunken voice: I love every fucking minute of it. It is the best video game adaptation- bar none. Yet, they can still drop the ball in the second […]

Nintendo Switch is out and I still don’t like the PS3

So the Nintendo Switch is out now: and I STILL don’t wanna buy a Playstaiton 3. Buying a Playstation 3 doesn’t sound like the smartest decision… Even if Bloodborne is there Sure if has Jojo(‘s Bizarre Advenutre). Kamen Rider But why get a PS3 when you can get Phantom Pain on the Playstation 4? Bayo just came […]

Prey (Xbox 360) review

Prey… For Xbox 360. It’s really good. It’s like a less interesting Bioshock storywise. But better design in terms of level design and gameplay. Arthouse Auteur agrees although he’s never played any of those games. All those Superbunnyhop reviews helped us distinguish gameplay and story.

Thoughts on the SNES Classic

So, Arthouse Auteur asked me about my thoughts on the SNES Classic. Did I think it had the wrong amount of games? No Treasure Hunter G? Bahamut Lagoon? But, no. Earthbound is here. Star Fox 2 is official. I’m am happy like crazy. Earthbound was probably MY favorite game, prior to Earthbound ripoff coming up. Earthbound is probably THE most expensive console for such […]