Write For Us: The Video Game Section

We are currently looking for staff to fill the site with video games as some are quite long to beat.  Key kinds of people who are looking for on the staff:

-Retro: Have an old system that still works? Own your pride and joy the Sega CD, 32X, Saturn or Neo Geo? What’s an underrated classic you think of, in terms of gameplay and/or story?

-Non-US games: You are so dedicated to video games and their history, you have mastered a foreign language in order to play it. You bought the console with a different region code despite company’s insisting you buy the current region.

They shipped it to the US via Live Arcade or whatever and they screwed up the translation, so you are among the elite to actually know what the game’s actual story is about.

And it’s that damn good!


-JRPGs: Are you still able to crunch in 80s hours of the most difficult, yet somehow still addictive game possible, despite how many odd Japanese fetish storylines are involved?

-Games with a million different difficulties and a billion different endings: You were just so darn obsessed with this game, you had to play though every single possible scenario to write every teeny little bit of information on a single least known NPC of a game. You are that hardcore.

-Hardcore, multiple viewings: This can come in two forms: a) you watch an anime like the dystopia within the worlds of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Deus Ex or b) dissect a game that was so intricately terrible that you have to examine every frame the game so terrible: Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action.

-New (Academic)

-Sports/Racing Games

-Other games that are easily obtainable from your local GameStop at 0.01 cent. My brother and I loved going to our local GameStop spending 5 hours looking for Rebel Raiders. XD


Have you read all the news articles and encyclopedic sources of a certain subject? Do you have or would like primary sources for who to interview for certain subjects? Feel free to ask for help and post it here.


We have contacts. We have a budget. But we’re first trying to figure out the staffing situation first. I’ll fill you in as soon as I have your application good and ready to go.

-Do you already have a video series on Youtube, Twitch, etc..? Want more exposure or be on a site that’ll analyze, promote, etc..? We’re hear for that! KyuutaroBlog/Kyuu-kun/KQTUHProductions1 is currently writing for us while promoting his vlog.

I believe in teamwork. I believe in development. I believe in career mobility from this place. If you’ve found any methods of creative development, feel free to join the site or suggestion something at arthouseanime@gmail.com

New (12/14/15): Twitch/Youtube Gaming Talk Shows: With Ecoolarg going back to school, we have an availability for Twitch Talk Show segment. We’ll work around your schedule. We’ll be interviewing people indie and AAA. Just need someone who is vocal to discuss things.

New!!! Got something to say during a Nintendo Direct, Shenmue, Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer? Join our crew!

When applying, please list:

  1. Which of the prior you wanted to write as. (Could be multiple.)
  2. What’s your favorite video game?
  3. What you think the best video game is? (Does it even exist? Do multiple tie?)
  4. What you plan on posting. (Anything you’ve narrowed it down to then we’ll work from there!)
  5. How often you will post and any other questions on how to get ideas on what to post.
  6. My objective is to be a great Editor-in-Chief, so have a list of objectives you’re thinking of that I can help you with to help you become a better writer. Note: I’m a little lacking on grammar myself, but can definitely help you become better in tone, voice and analysis. We’ll see where others on the site can help.

Do not forget to include one good sample at arthouseanime@gmail.com. Be honest, I am pretty lenient as to how often you post. Once a week is perfect for the site, and I will try my best to help you along with that process. But remember I will hold you to that and check up on you online.

Note: You will be setting up a wordpress account while working on the website. It’s very user friendly. Do not worry about html when delivering your articles, unless you want to show off your skills. (We need an web design expert too! :))


  • Content (written) is most important first
  • and do NOT delete your original photos if you plan on submitting the article as soon as you join the team. You’ll need to upload them to the site for our audience to see references in films, television shows, etc..

Write for Us! Do it! You know you want to


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