Thoughts on the SNES Classic

So, Arthouse Auteur asked me about my thoughts on the SNES Classic. Did I think it had the wrong amount of games? No Treasure Hunter G? Bahamut Lagoon? But, no. Earthbound is here. Star Fox 2 is official. I’m am happy like crazy. Earthbound was probably MY favorite game, prior to Earthbound ripoff coming up. Earthbound is probably THE most expensive console for such […]

Watching AVGN’s Transformers reviews

So Arthouse Auteur was discussing watching the movie prior to that one day it dipped off on Google Trends. Although that didn’t last long, the length that happened under that franchise was interesting. What will happen? Trying to be fucking revolutionary: Remenber when people actually had fun with toys? Not just Transformers, but any toys? […]